Draguignan was the capital of the department of Var until 1975, when it lost its title to Toulon. Draguignan is, due to its delightful situation in a very green area, an ideal place for a holiday. It is a good starting point for trips to the surrounding country side, with its charming medieval villages, vineyards and olive groves and to the wild canyons - Grand Canyon du Verdon (to the north) and Gorges de Châteaudouble (12 km to the north), a smaller version of Verdon canyon.

Street in Draguignan

The main interest of Draguignan lies in its medieval quarter, which is encircled by beautiful avenues of plane trees.

The streets in the old town are interesting, despite the fact that they do not have the same medieval character as the smaller villages. Draguignan’s landmark, a 24 metres high bell tower, Tour de l’Horloge, from 1663, dominates the old town with its classical wrought iron campanile on top. Eglise de St-Michel at Place de la Paroisse with its wooden roof has a statue of St. Hermentaire, who is said to have killed a terrorising dragon in the 5th century. The name of the town originates from this dragon. At the square next to the church there is every Saturday a huge market.

In Rue de la Juiverie one can see the facade of a synagoge, the last memory of an important Jewish society, that flourished in Draguignan in the Middle Ages.

At the outskirts of Draguignan you can find a big American churchyard, Cimetière Américain, with a great many white crosses in meticulous rows, a testimony to the fights which took place when the allies landed in Provence in August 1944. Here you can visit a very simple chapel, beautifully decorated inside by an American mosaic artist.

In the town there also are two good local museums: Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires de Moyenne Provence, home to a vast exhibition of traditional handicraft and tools and Musée Municipal, whose collection contains paintings of Rembrandt and Renoir, amongst others.

Maisons de vacances à Draguignan

Villa avec piscine à Draguignan - Maisons/Villas  14 12
Villa avec piscine à Draguignan

Grande villa pour 12-14 personnes située dans le cœur de Provence au nord de Draguignan. La villa offre des très belles vues sur la ville et sur le...

Belle maison avec piscine privée à Draguignan - Maisons/Villas  10 10
Belle maison avec piscine privée à Draguignan

Belle maison en pierre datant du début du XIX-siècle, située à la périphérie de la ville médiévale de Draguignan. La maison, située dans un quartier...

Grande villa avec piscine à Draguignan - Maisons/Villas  20 20
Grande villa avec piscine à Draguignan

La propriété est située à 5 km du centre de Draguignan qui est une très belle ville et à la sortie avec une population de 30.000 habitants. Il y a...

Possibilités d’excursions en Draguignan
The harbour in Antibes

The Riviera’s third largest town. The old town in Antibes is highly interesting with its covered market, beautiful marina, Picasso museum and Marineland, with dolphins and killer whales.

Stone church in Bargème

Bargème is set, somewhat isolated, on top of the Montagne-du-Brouis and it is the highest located town in the Var department. Here one can find the ruins of a castle, dating back to 1225. One of the towers is intact but there has been no attempt to rebuild the rest. A decision has been made to leave the ruin as it is. South of town there is a big...


Bargemon is a lively town, popularly frequented by tourists who enjoy life in the town’s many nice restaurants.


At the border between the departments of Haute-Provence and Var , close to the Gorges du Verdon and Lac de st. Croix lies the charming little town Barjols. The old part of town is completely and beautifully restored. Barjols offers lots of streams and fountains and numerous plane trees among which one has a circumference of 12 metres.


Capital of the Centre-Var. The old part of town is fortified and very interesting with its beautiful, old stone houses, narrow, winding streets, covered passages, fountains and ancient gates. One can also find the very rare parliament building, le palais des comtes de Provence, built in the 13th century by the dukes of Provence. Here the...


At 400 metres altitude, Callas is a little, picturesque, medieval village, set in beautiful surrounding woodlands. Callas has small winding streets, shady squares, houses of character, ancient fountains, arcades and a chapel from the12-13th century.

The harbour in Cannes

The most fashionable town on the French Riviera with its long elegant promenade La Croisette and the luxurious Hotel Carlton. Lying across from Cannes is Iles de Lérins, two charming flower filled little islands, Ste-Marguerite and St-Honoret. Ste-Marguerite, the island closest to the mainland is almost covered in pine forest. It is particularly...


Claviers is a typical, little Provencal medieval village, beautifully set on a cliff top in hilly surroundings with olive groves, pine trees and green oaks. Claviers offers narrow streets, shady squares and old, charming stone houses.

Street in Fayence

The medieval village Fayence is set beautifully on a hillside, 25 km northwest of Cannes in the department of Var. A charming town, definitely worth a visit.


Figanières lies on a rocky spur north of Draguignan, on the site of the ancient château des princes de Vintimille. Figanières has narrow, winding streets full of flowers, ancient fountains and stone houses. Château du comte de Vintimille’s beautifully landscaped gardens are very much worth a visit. Here one can find around 300 different aromatic...


The Provencal medieval village Flayosc lies beautifully in the midst of olive groves, vineyards and pine forests, surrounded by rosemary bushes and wild roses. Flayosc offers narrow, winding streets, shady squares, old, tall stone houses, fountains, Saracen doors, an old church with a wrought iron bell tower and an ancient washhouse. In Flayosc...

Beach in Fréjus

Has almost grown together with the neighbouring town St-Raphaël. In Fréjus one can find a characteristic French promenade with nice, little cafés and a multitude of restaurants, bars and discos, seething with life every night. The marina is the normal meeting point in the evenings, and here there is a really good atmosphere. In Fréjus there are...

Grand Canyon du Verdon - Gorges du Verdon

Situated between Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Var. The breathtaking canyon, Gorges du Verdon, is one of Europe’s greatest nature wonders - an outstanding nature experience that one must experience. At the Verdon river, which is cutting 700 metres down into the cliff, one can go hiking, climbing, canoeing and rafting.


The French centre for perfumes, producing perfume extracts and essences. Grasse is beautifully situated at 333 metres altitude, in the hinterland of Cannes. The old city is very exciting with a labyrinth of streets and narrow passages. Here, there is a multitude of small, interesting boutiques.

Stone houses in Les Arcs
Les Arcs

Les Arcs has two main attractions. First there is the medieval quarter (pedestrian) with its narrow alleys, idyllic squares and numerous arches (Arcs), which have given the name to the town. (In the remains of a medieval castle one can find the exclusive hotel pension and restaurant, Le Logis du Guetteur:...


A typical Provencal mountain village, situated at 364 metres altitude. Christain Dior had a summer residence in this village.

The harbour and Hotel Negresco in Nice

The main city in the department of Alpes Maritimes, France’s fifth biggest city and the most important city on the Riviera. Famous for its beautiful location by the Baie des Anges, surrounded by mountains, Nice first of all offers a very interesting old city, the magnificent promenade, Promenade des Anglais, the museum of modern art and Chagall...

Old double stone fountain

Salernes lies beautifully on a hillside in the Vallée de la Bresque, at the intersection of the rivers Pelicourt and Grave. Salernes is renowned for its tiles, considered the best and the most beautiful. It was here that the production of the well known red octagonal tiles started in the beginning of the 20th century. The old part of town offers...

Ste-Maxime seen from above

Ste-Maxime is a fashionable seaside resort in the St-Tropez gulf. In summer, Ste-Maxime is a popular tourist site with lots of attractions including a huge Marineland and a Casino. There are very nice, sandy beaches in the area.


Originally St-Tropez was a small, humble, fishing village, until Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Sagan and other celebrities discovered the town in the 1950’s and pulled in the whole jet set. In high season (August), around 80,000 tourists arrive at this extraordinary holiday resort. Despite this “big circus” in the summer, the town is definitely...


Trans-en-Provence is a charming medieval village, typical of Provence. The Naturby river streams through the village and one can cross over by taking the old vaulted bridges.

Town houses in Villecroze

Villecroze is a most interesting medieval village, lying in beautiful natural surroundings at the foothills of verdant mountains. Villecroze testifyes to a rich historic past. First of all there is an ancient Templar’s house from about 1150, which, at that time, had a big influence on life in the area, from Vallée du Verdon to the Mediterranean....

Actvités en/à Draguignan
  • Musical entertainment in the summer.
  • Festivals (¨Dragifolies).
  • Markets.
  • Golf – There are lots of golf courses in the department of Var. Most of the courses can be found on the French golf union’s website. Unfortunately the website is in French. Seek under Guide de golfs and then under the region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur: http://www.ffgolf.org/#
Sites à visiter en/à Draguignan
  • Pierre de la Fée: Northwest of the town there is a huge prehistoric dolmen.
  • Tour de l’Horloge from 1663.
  • i>Musée des Arts et traditions Populaires de Moyenne Provence: The museum is situated in buildings from the 17th century. Here life in the countryside is illustrated by reconstructed kitchens and barns.
  • Eglise St-Michel.
  • Musée Municipal: Paintings of Rembrandt and Renoir as well as collections of ceramics and furniture.
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